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Open Die Forgings

Forging Division of M/s. Bharat Roll Industry Private Limited is promoted by Modern Group of Companies. Established in 1972, Bharat Roll is one of the eminent manufacturers of various types of cast rolls for hot rolling mills and open die forgings.

Backed by 20 years of experience in roll manufacturing Bharat Roll started its Forge Division (formerly known as BB Forgings Private Limited) in 1992 at Serampore, Hooghly in West Bengal. It has successfully developed a variety of forgings for Steel Industry, Material Handling Equipment, Paper Industry, Mining & Rock Processing Equipment, Locomotive and Gear Box Components.

To satisfy its diverse clients, Forging Unit is equipped with the requisite infrastructure facilities and manned by qualified and experienced workforce as well as allied professionals. 

It is the endeavor of the organization to provide quality products as per the need of the customer.


Profile Clientele Manufacturing Facilities Manufacturing Range / Sizes Quality Assurance System

open die forgings  II  sleeves or ring rolls  II  alloy cast steel rolls  II  graphite steel rolls  II  spheroidal graphite (nodular) cast iron
indefinite chill alloy cast iron  II  double poured alloy indefinite chill  II spun cast special carbide enhanced indefinite chill rolls
alloy steel base rolls / adamite  II  spun cast high chrome iron rolls  II  spun cast alloy indefinite chill rolls

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